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The ABC's of Self-Improvement: This book is about what Todd Duncan calls the "ER'' in life. What's the "ER?"Fortunately, it does not stand for Emergency Room ( that's a good thing). Instead,ER stands for the last two letters of many empowering words that we all wantto feel each day -- to be better, to be bolder, to be smarter, to be brighter, to bebig~, to be stron~, to be faster, to be braver, to be healthier, to be wealthier,to be happier. The ABC's of Self-Improvement is a simple, yet groundbreakingbook, that explains the psychology behind improvement. From A to Z (literallyfrom A to Z), Paul Scheper takes each letter in the alphabet and gives examples ofhow a principle (beginning with each of the 26 letters) can help us improve. Heis obsessed with adding some ER's to each of us. Using 26 letters representing 26core principles, this book is packed with memorable quotes, cool ideas, interestinganecdotes, cute tidbits, compelling stories, real life examples, and wisdom nuggetsthat can literally transform a person, a company, an organization, a church, asports team, a yoga studio, a project planning team or even a family transforminto a cohesive unit. The purpose of this book is to help people to improve, andto get better. By the time you are finished reading Paul Scheper' s book, I'll betthat you come up with at least 26 "ER's" that will make you an even greater versionof yourself. It did for me.



Note: Portions of book proceeds will be donated to charity, which means that by supporting this book, we can improve the lives of others in need. Please tell your friends about this fun book and find a new way (starting today, starting now) to improve a little and to make somebody else improve by sharing just one of the 26 letters in the alphabet today (from A to Z).

The Psychology of Improving From A To Z: The ABC's Of Self-Improvement

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