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Paul E. Scheper, Author

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This book changed my life and helped me understand the psychology of improving a little bit each day."

Kate Youra

Interesting book and powerful, but simple to grasp. It's great reference material for a quick pick-me-up."

Renee Pefley

I use this for my students to learn, to get motivated. It's inspiring and educational."

Teacher Dave Ponce

Finally, a book written by a Harvard graduate that is so simple that my kids can understand it, too. I like how Scheper makes the psychology of improvement simple for all age groups."

Ed Lackey

My favorite letter was J for Joy. This book was a joy to read. The other 25 letters were great, too."

Jerry Rompis

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The ABC’s of Self Improvement, my new book, uses each of the 26 Letters in the alphabet to represent an improvement principle from which to learn. A is for Attitude, B is for Buoyancy, C is for Commitment, and so on. The last chapter is Z for Zeal.


This Vlog (video blog on YouTube to the right) corresponds with the book and offers a sneak preview of what is contained in each chapter. The flow of this book begins and ends with the definition of each letter. Each chapter (from A to Z) begins with a Letter in the Alphabet and begins with the actual textbook definition of the word from the dictionary. Each chapter ends with my spin on the definition of the same word.


If this book and Vlog help you (and me) improve today (even just a tiny bit), then I'll be so happy. Please enjoy the book (order today). Have a fun day!

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ABC's of Self-Improvement

ABCs of improvement - A for Attitude

by Paul Scheper

ABCs of improvement - B for Buoyancy

by Paul Scheper

ABCs of improvement - C for Commitment

by Paul Scheper

October 16, 2015

Politics, CPI-E, and the COLA

By Paul Scheper


Following up on yesterday’s post about the lack of a Social Security COLA (cost of living adjustment) in 2016, today the Huffington Post brings us a slightly more in-depth analysis. The article brings in the stances of a number of political figures (Clinton, Sanders, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell), and goes on from there to look at CPI-E, an alternative index for calculating the COLA which, while still experimental, is at least endorsed by the AARP.

October 13, 2015

New Research on Falling

By Paul Scheper


A few weeks ago, we reported the increase in the rate of falls amongst the elderly, and, at the time, there was some speculation that the increase in falling was due to the increase in activity — which was really a mixed bag, in terms of potential outcomes. Clearly, being active is important for the elderly, so the fact that it might also have negative impacts was a little saddening. Fortunately, new research is out. It turns out, particularly amongst the elderly, the most common reason for falling is infection. So, see your doctor regularly, and keep active!

October 09, 2015

Big Phone Scam from Montego Bay, Jamaica

By Paul Scheper


We’ve written before about phone scams, particularly those targeting the elderly. But this particular scam is both big, and close to home. They’re not, infamously, asking you to send money to Nigeria; instead, they’re coming out of Jamaica — praying on seniors for $1,500 a pop to a grand total of over $300 million per year. This CNN video and article claim that the callers have prayed upon the same people so many times, that they may have even driven one senior to suicide. If you have relatives with dementia or Alzheimer’s, take extra care.

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