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Paul Scheper (Author) was born in Indianapolis and grew up in the San Fernando Valley, and now resides in Orange County, CA.   He is President of Loangevity Mortgage & Homegevity Realty ( and has fun working with his daughter on a daily business (SarahScheper.TV). Paul is a licensed Real Estate Broker since 1984 and creates retirement plans for senior homeowners to help them never outlive their money. Paul is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA), a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP), a Certified DISC Practitioner (CDP), and a Certified High Trust Coach (CHTC). Paul is a past recipient of the prestigious Orange County Man of Character Award (2004) and graduated from Harvard University (Psychology) and earned his MBA from The University of Southern California (Finance). His best-selling book, The Psychology of Self-Improvement (The ABC's of Improving), has lead to a public speaking career helping people (from high school age to senior citizens) enter and remain in "The biggest room in the world" -- Room for Improvement (  He is happily married for 41 years to his high school sweetheart (Gigi) and is fortunate to have two wonderful children (Scotty & Sarah) and two terrific pugs (Sally and Pepper Scheper). In a nutshell, Paul Scheper loves learning, loves family, loves people, loves this country, and loves life.

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